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"Our own perfect paradise thanks to the Clear Comfort system. No more harmful chemicals for this family!" - Henry and Maragaret W.

Discover Better Water With Less Chemicals

Salt systems generate chlorine, while UV and ozone both require chlorine for residual sanitation. Start your path to a healthier, better pool today with Clear Comfort.

With Clear Comfort's chlorine-free and low-chlorine pool system you will reduce your family's exposure to harmful chemicals and toxic disinfection byproducts, while enjoying cleaner, clearer water. Eliminate chlorine odor, red eyes and itchy skin. It just feels better.

Discover a new pool technology. Clear Comfort's chlorine-free pool system makes your pool more healthy, eco-friendly & fresh feeling. You don't have to compromise your health for having clean, clear water. 

Start your path to a healthier, better pool today with Clear Comfort.

Fresh Feeling Chlorine-Free Water

Safe and Healthy For Your Family

Simple, Sustainable Pool Treatment

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© Clear Comfort Water 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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© Clear Comfort Water 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Privacy Policy


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