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Innovative Risk Reduction: 3 Tools for 3 Challenges in COVID-19

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Here's what we'll cover:

Today’s aquatic operators are expected to maintain the best practices for social distancing, indoor air quality and cleaning protocol – all while managing an efficient operational budget. However, developments in new technologies are opening new doors for operators seeking simpler solutions. This webinar addresses the new tools that are helping recreational aquatics facilities reduce the time, money and guesswork spent on today’s tedious operational challenges.  

In this webinar, we will help you understand: 

  • Social Distancing: Technology solutions that help your staff manage social distancing in and out of the pool water

  • Air/Water Quality: Water treatment solutions that not only make it safer to swim, but  provide better air and water quality

  • Adaptable Cleaning Protocol: Modern answers to your facility's compliance around opening, operating and closing efficiency and effectively

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