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CCW2200 AOP-Driven DO Water System

For Indoor Agriculture Water Enhancement

Powered by a patented Hydroxyl-Based Advanced Oxidation (AOP) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO), the CCW2200 series is an effortless path to best-in-classwater quality, profitability and sustainability


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CCW2200 AOP Water System

For Indoor Agriculture Water Enhancement 

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61    UL E482558    EPA Est. No. 91122-CO-3

Perpetual System Warranty   Live Customer Support

Unleash Bountiful

Let your crops flourish in water that unlocks health, growth yield and consistent quality with revolutionary water treatment.


Why choose Clear Comfort AOP?

Embrace Eco-Friendly Water

Let your farm optimize its water use, minimize toxic chemical use and cleanse irrigation lines – without compromising productivity or results.

Profitability Meets Efficiency

See your farm’s profit and plants thrive with less labor, management expense and maintenance.

Remote Support
and Data

Unlock your farm’s full potential with seamless live support and proactive water sampling analysis, from installation to operation.