Case Study: How to improve chlorine stability by 60% to 90%

Better water, less cost

Clean, crystal clear water with 50%+ less chlorine use & costs.

Pool facility benefits

Clear Comfort provides residential & commercial chlorine-free & low-chlorine pool & spa systems. You can find Clear Comfort in homes, universities, hotels, waterparks, spas, YMCAs, recreation centers, hotels & more nationwide.

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with Clear Comfort

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Tested, trusted & proven in homes, 

hotels, universities, YMCAs, 

gyms, city pools, HOAs & 

more nationwide.

Health conscious

Proven to reduce harmful disinfection byproducts by 90%+. 

Fresh feeling

Silkier feeling water that's kind to eyes, skin & lungs.

Destroy Crypto

Clear Comfort is university lab proven to destroy 99.99%+ of Crypto.

Certified & approved

All Clear Comfort products are certified:

ANSI/NSF 50 | UL 1563| EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act.

When it comes to chlorine levels in commercial pools - predictability is key. Many aquatics facilities struggle with drastically fluctuating chlorine levels that become a hassle for pool operations & a harm to patrons' health, but a YMCA found an effective way to stabilize chlorine by 60% to 90%.

Download the Chlorine Stability case study to see the full results.

Download the case study to see how each pool sanitation method helped the air & water quality of two recreational facilities 

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